Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence
Providing World Class Education, Choice, Not Chance

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The Center of Excellence is designed to prepare students to function effectively in our global community. Students develop awareness and knowledge of the world through their classes and their interaction with students from other countries. They learn to communicate proficiently in at least one foreign language and to develop skills for analyzing complex global issues through the Model UN’s and Global Affairs class. Affiliation with goal oriented peers and graduating with more credits than an advanced diploma are a few of the many benefits of the program.

The Center of Excellence is a challenging liberal arts program fostering strong academic achievement.


Center of Excellence Graduation Requirements

Must meet all requirements for an Advanced Diploma

* Must take these at the Honors level

English 4 units*

Honors, Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement

Math 4 units

Must complete four units, including Algebra II

Science 4 units

Must complete four units, including Chemistry Honors

History 4 units*

World Cultures I H

World Cultures II H

U.S. History (Honors or Advanced Placement)

U.S. Government (Dual Enrollment or Advanced Placement)

Foreign Language 4 units

4 years of 1

3 years of 1 and 1 year of a different language

2 years of 2 different languages

Health/PE 2 units

Fine or Practical Art 

1 unit

Electives *

*one College Level Course is required






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