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Social Studies



Foreign Language

Physical Education

Information Technology


Fine Arts

Consumer Science


 Army Junior ROTC 

Special Programs

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Fundamentals of English*

 English 9

 English 9 Honors 


 English 10

 English 10 Honors 


 English 11

 English 11 Honors 

 Creative Writing*

 English 12

 Dual Enrollment English 12

 Advanced Placement (AP) English 11

*Denotes Elective Class

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Social Studies 

 World History I/Geography

 World History I/Geography Honors

 World Cultures I Honors

 Study Skills /Social Studies

 World History II/Geography Honors

 World Cultures II Honors
CE* Students

 United States/VA History

 United States/VA History Honors

AP U.S. History

 United States Government
(Virtual VA Class )

 Dual Enrollment United States Government





CE* = Center of Excellence


 Algebra Foundations

 Algebra I A

 Algebra I B

Algebra Functions
& Data Analysis

Part I

Part II

 Algebra II

 Advanced Algebra / Trigonometry Honors

 Math Analysis Honors (Pre-Calculus)

AP Calculus



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  Biology Honors

 Biology II/ Ecology

Earth Science

Earth Science Honors

Earth Science II / Oceanography

 Chemistry Honors

 Advanced Placement (AP) Biology

 Principles of Technology I

 Principles of Technology II

Physics Honors


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Physical Education

 Physical Education
Health: Virtual Component
CPR/AED/First Aid

 Physical Education/ Drivers Education


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Elective  Classes

Foreign Language and Fine Arts

 French I

 Latin I

 Spanish I

 French II

 Latin II

 Spanish II

 French III

 Latin III

 Spanish III

 French IV Honors

 Latin IV Honors

 Spanish IV Honors

 French V Honors

 Latin V Honors

 Spanish V Honors

Latin AP


Art Foundations I

Art Foundations II

Intermediate Band

Advanced band

Intermediate Chorus

Advanced Chorus

Intermediate Strings 

Advanced Strings


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Business Education  


 Office Administration 

 Computer Information Systems



 COE (office work)

Economics & Personal Finance
(Virtual VA Class)


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 Principles of Business and Marketing

 Fashion Marketing


 Advanced Marketing **

 Education for Employment I (EFE)

 Education for Employment II


**additional credit for optional employment

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Communication Systems

 Graphic Communications 

Technical Drawing

Architectural Drawing


Consumer Science

Nutrition and Wellness


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Special Programs 
(Application Required) 
Academic Careers after High School


Assistant I (2 credits)

 Assistant II (2 credit)

 Horticulture I (2 credit)

 Horticulture II (2 credit)

Culinary Arts I

Culinary Art II

Early Childhood
Education I

Early Childhood 
Education II

Hotel Motel



Dual Enrollment Vocational 
(Pretest required)


DE Emergency Medical Technician (2nd semester)

             DE Welding (11th &12th only)                 

Marine Electric (2nd semester)

DE Computer Aided Drafting


First College Scholars (qualifying students*)

*determined by TCC entrance exam

Pathways 1: College Transfer

Pathways 2: Automotive Technology

DE English 111/112 DE English 111/112
DE U.S. Government/Political Science
DE U.S. Government/Political Science
SDV 100 College Success Skills *required SDV 100 College Success Skills *required
DE History of Western Civilization I Automotive Tech 101
DE History of Western Civilization 2 Auotmotive Tech 149
DE U.S. History 1 Automotive Tech 155
DE U.S. History 2
DE Biology w/lab
DE Chemistry w/lab  
DE Sociology  
DE Pyschology  
DE Public Speaking  
DE Advanced Composition  
DE Art Appreciation  
DE Macroeconomics  
DE Spanish 101  


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